I provide editing, proofreading, and indexing services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.  My specialties include textbooks and scholarly monographs, scholarly journals, literature, arts and design, history,  social sciences, medicine (including alternative and integrative medicine), cooking, nutrition, gardening, self-help, and travel. My clients include publishers, packagers, and individual scholars, students, and writers.

With a PhD in Spanish Literature, an MS in Library and Information Science, and an MA in Humanities, as well as more than a decade of editorial experience, I am able to bring a generalist background to my work in a wide range of subject areas. Having taught English at the college level and worked as a writing consultant, I enjoy helping writers at all levels find their voice, polish their writing, and perfect their style. Whether you are a college student struggling with ESL issues, a doctoral candidate working through writer’s block, a college professor preparing a journal article, or an aspiring novelist trying to get published, I can help you achieve your writing goals and get your ideas into print.

For more information about my editorial and indexing services, please see my résumé or contact me directly to ask about a free estimate and/or initial consultation.

For information about genealogical research services, please visit Legacy Tree Genealogists, where I work as a part-time Editor in Research.


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