Sample Titles List

This list constitutes only a smattering of the titles I have worked on; frankly, I stopped updating it long ago. If you would like a list of projects I have completed pertaining to a specific service or subject, please contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to provide one.



Domestic Modernism, the Interwar Novel, and E.H. Young, Kathy Mezei and Chiara Briganti, eds., 2006

English Printing, Verse Translation, and the Battle of the Sexes, 1476–1557, Anne B. Coldiron, 2009

Female Mourning and Tragedy in Medieval and Renaissance English Drama: From the Raising of Lazarus to King Lear, Katharine Goodland, 2006

George Eliot and Nineteenth-Century Psychology: Exploring the Unmapped Country, Michael Davis,  2006

Modernism on Fleet Street, Patrick Collier, 2006

The Posthumous Voice in Women’s Writing from Mary Shelley to Sylvia Plath, Claire Raymond, 2006

Voluntary Servitude and the Erotics of Friendship, Marc D. Schachter, 2008

Understanding Genre and Medieval Romance, K.S. Whetter, 2008

Yeats and Joyce: Cyclical History and the Reprobate Tradition, Alistair Cormack, 2008

Associated University Presses

The Letters of William Carlos Williams to Edgar Irving Williams, 1902–1912, ed. Andrew J. Krivak, 2009


Clemente: La pasión y el carisma del último héroe del béisbol, David Maraniss, 2006

 Bucknell University Press

The Self of the City: Macedonio Fernandez, the Argentine Avant-Garde, and Modernity in Buenos Aires, Todd Garth, 2005

Working through Memory: Writing and Remembrance in Contemporary Spanish Narrative, Ofelia Ferrán, 2007


Microeconomics, Andrew Schotter, 2008

Chef John D. Folse & Co. Pub.

After the Hunt: Louisiana’s Authoritative Collection of Wild Game & Game Fish Cookery, John D. Folse, 2007

Georgetown University Press

Mind and Context in Adult Second Language Acquisition, by Cristina Sanz, 2005


Italiano I, Libro dello studente, 2005

Italiano II, Libro dello studente, 2006

Italiano III, Libro dello studente, 2006


In Giro, 2nd ed., Graziana Lazzarrino et al., (2006)

Italian Grammar (Schaum’s Outline Series), 3rd ed., Joseph Germano

Avanti: Beginning Italian, 1st and 2nd eds., Diane Musumeci and Janice Aski, 2006, 2009

MIT Press

MIT Press

Resisting Global Toxics: Transnational Movements for Environmental Justice, David Naguib Pellow, 2007

 New York University Press
Immigration and American Popular Culture: An Introduction, Rachel Rubin and Jeffrey Melnick, 2006

 Oxford University Press

Fundamentalism in the City: Conflict and Division in Boston’s Churches, 1855-1950, Margaret Bendroth, 2005

The Twentieth-Century World and Beyond: An International History since 1900, William R. Keylor, 2005

A World of Nations: The International Order since 1945, William R. Keylor, 2008

Palgrave Macmillan

Language and the Renewal of Society in Walt Whitman, Laura (Riding) Jackson, and Charles Olson, Carla Billitteri, 2009

Peter Lang

Univers intimes : pour une poétique de l’intériorité au féminin dans la littérature caribéen, Christine K. Duff, 2008

La Recontextualización de la poética del siglo XVII en la obra de Jorge Luis Borges, Cristina Ortiz Ceberio

Borges 2.0, Perla Sasson-Henry, 2007

Prentice Hall (Pearson)

Discovering Philosophy, 2nd ed., Thomas I. White, forthcoming 2007

Introducción a la Lingüística Española, 2nd ed., Milton Azevedo, 2006

Restorative Justice, Clifford K. Dorne, 2007

The Field Guide to Teaching: A Handbook for New Teachers, Richard J. Marchesani 2006

Successful Inclusion for Educational Leaders, 2nd ed., Larry D. Bartlett et al., 2006

Moderate and Severe Disabilities: A Foundational Approach, Belva C. Collins, 2006

Rockport Publishing (Quayside/Fair Winds/Quiver)

150 Ways to Boost Your Energy, Jonny Bowden, 2009

150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Jonny Bowden, 2007

Before They Changed the World, Edwin Kiester, Jr., 2009

Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents, Blaise A. Aguirre, 2007

Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, Susan Gregg, 2008

Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles, Alison Tannis, 2009

Helping Your Troubled Teen, Cynthia S. Kaplan, Blaise A. Aguirre, Michael Rater, 2007

History’s Greatest Lies, William Weir, 2009

Hodgson Mill Whole Grain Baking, The Bakers of Hodgson Mill, 2007

How the Barbarian Invasions Shaped the Modern World, Thomas J. Craughwell, 2008

The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth, Jonny Bowden 2008

Failures of the Presidents, Thomas J. Craughwell with M. William Phelps, 2008

Forgotten History of America, Cormac O’Brien, 2008

Natural Stain Removal Secrets, Deborah L. Martin, 2007

The Healthiest Meals on Earth, Jonny Bowden, 2008

Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Raman Prasad, 2008

The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple, Kevin L. Gest, 2007

The Sex Bible for Women, Susan Crain Bakos, 2009

The Vegan Scoop, Wheeler del Torro, 2009

The War Chronicles: From Chariots to Flintlocks, Joseph Cummins, 2008

The War Chronicles: From Flintlocks to Machine Guns, Joseph Cummins, 2009

Small Planet Media

Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad, Frances Moor Lappe, 2007

Sounds True

Distant Healing: A Complete Guide, Jack Angelo, 2008

Illuminating the Afterlife, Cyndi Dale, 2008

Living Fully Dying Well, Edward W. Bastian and Tina L. Stakey, et al., 2009

Measuring the Immeasurable, 2008

The Mystery of 2012, 2nd ed., 2009

Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditioned Awareness, Peter Fenner, 2007

Introduction to Business, 3rd ed., Jeff Madura, 2006

 Stanford University Press

Dangerous Deterrent: Nuclear Proliferation and Conflict in South Asia, S. Paul Kapur, 2006

All the Difference in the World: Postcoloniality and the Ends of Comparison, Natalie Melas, 2007

Japan’s Dual Civil Society: Members Without Advocates, by Robert Pekkanen, 2006

Popular Injustice: Violence, Community and Law in Latin America, Angelina Snodgrass Godoy, 2006

How Revolutionary Was the Digital Revolution? John Zysman et al., 2006

 SUNY Press

A Level Playing-Field, Jane Fowler Morse, 2006

Temple University Press

Challenging the Chip: Labor Rights and Environmental Justice in the Global Electronics Industry, ed. Ted Smith et al. (2006)

The Undevelopment of Capitalism: Sectors and Markets in Fifteenth-Century Tuscany, Rebecca Jean Emigh, 2008

Texas Tech University Press

Court-Martial of Apache Kid, Clare V. McKanna Jr., 2009

Louder Than Words: Ways of Seeing Women Workers in Eighteenth-Century France, Geraldine Sheridan, 2007

 University of Georgia Press
Creating the Culture of Reform in Antebellum America, T. Gregory Garvey, 2006

 University of Michigan Press

Chicano Novels and the Politics of Form, Marcial González, 2008


Biblical Scholarship, Science and Politics in Early Modern England, Kevin Killeen, 2008

Book and Text in France 1400–1600: Poetry on the Page, Adrian Armstrong and Malcolm Quainton, 2007

Coleridge and Shelley: Textual Engagement, Sally West, 2008

Commodity Culture in Dickens’s Household Words, Catherine Waters, 2008

Conceptualizing Cruelty to Children in Nineteenth-Century England: Literature, Representation, and the NSPCC, Monica Flegel

Fellow Romantics: Male and Female British Writers, 1790–1835, Beth Lau, 2008

Negotiating Shakespeare’s Language in Romeo and Juliet, Lynette Hunter and Peter Lichtenfels

Poetry and Ecology in the Age of Milton and Marvell, Diane Kelsey McColley, 2007

Revolutionary Love in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century France, Alan H. Pasco, 2009

Twentieth-Century British Authors and the Rise of Opera in Britain, Irene Morra, 2007

The Romantics and the May Day Tradition, Essaka Joshua, 2007

The Tragic Histories of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1560–1660, John D. Staines, 2008

Women’s Work and Identity in Eighteenth-Century Brittany, Nancy Locklin, 2007

John Wiley & Sons
The Restaurant and Bar English/Spanish Spanish/English Dictionary, Maria Belknap 2006

El Cuento Hispánico, by Edward J. Mullen, 2006

 Prentice Hall (Pearson)

Spanish for Reading and Translation, Annette G. Cash and James Murray, 2005

First Responders: A Skills Approach, Workbook and Instructor’s Handbook, 7th ed., 2006

Successful Inclusion for Educational Leaders, 2nd ed., by Larry D. Bartlett et al., 2006

Three Genres: Writing Fiction/Literary Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, 8th ed., Stephen Minot, 2006

Human Relations: A Game Plan for Improving Personal Adjustment, 4th ed., Loren Ford, 2006

Before the Second Wave: Gender in the Sociological Tradition, Barbara Finlay, 2006

Race, Gender, and Class: Theory and Method of Analysis, Bart Landry, 2006

Rockport Publishing

The Babyproofing Bible, Jennifer Bright Reich, 2007

Graphic Design, Referenced, Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez Palacio, 2009

Texas Tech University Press

After the Massacre: The Violent Legacy of the San Sabá Mission, by Robert S. Weddle, 2007

Aurora Crossing: A Novel of the Nez Perces, Karl Schleiser, 2007

Child of Many Rivers, by Lucy Fischer-West, 2007

Old Las Vegas: Hispanic Memories from The New Mexico Highlands, by Nasario Garcia, 2007

Trail of the Red Butterfly, Karl Schleiser, 2007

Statistics Unplugged, 2nd ed., by Sally Caldwell, 2006


Academica Press

Beyond the Page: Experiments in Latin American Poetry from the Calligramme to the Virtual, Angélica Huízar, 2008

Adams Media

150 Tips and Tricks for New Moms, Robin Elise-Weiss, 2nd ed. 2008

150 Tips and Tricks for New Nurses, 2nd ed., Kathy Quan, 2008

1001 Business Letters for All Occasions, Corey Sandler and Janice Keefe, 2008

Don’t Screw Up Your Bride’s Wedding, Michael Arnot, 2008

The Everything® Guide to Raising Adolescent Boys, Robin Elise Weiss, 2007

The Everything® Guide to Raising Adolescent Girls, Moira McCarthy with Mary E. Muscari, 2007

The Everything® Health Guide to Depression, Karen K. Brees, 2008

The Everything® Health Guide to Diabetes, 2nd ed., Paula Ford-Martin and Ian Blumer

The Everything® Health Guide to Menopause, Kate Bracy, 2007

The Everything® Health Guide to OCD, Chelsea Lowe, 2007

The Everything® Italian Phrase Book, Ronald Glenn Wrigley, 2008

The Everything® Italian Practice Book, Ronald Glenn Wrigley, 2007

The Everything® Improve Your Writing Book, 2nd ed., Patricia Rice Hahn, 2008

The Everything® Job Interview Book, 2nd ed., Joy Darlington and Nancy Schuman, 2008

The Everything® Learning Italian Book, 2nd ed., Ronald Glenn Wrigley, 2009

The Everything® Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book with CD, Fernanda L. Ferreira, 2007

The Everything® Low-Fat, High Flavor Cookbook, 2nd ed., Linda Larsen, 2008

The Everything® Intermediate Spanish Book with CD, Sandra Rosenstiel, 2007

Talk Dirty Italian, Alexis Munier and Emmanuel Tichelli, 2008

Talk Dirty Spanish, Alexis Munier and Laura Martinez, 2008

The Portable Italian Mamma, Laura Mosiello and Susan Reynolds, 2009

Talk Dirty Italian, Alexis Munier and Emmanuel Tichelli, 2008

We Need to Talk: Tough Conversations with Your Boss, Lynne Eisaguirre, 2009

We Need to Talk: Tough Conversations with Your Employee, Lynne Eisaguirre, 2009

The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart, Robert W. Bly, 2009


Deception and Detection in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Jack Lynch, 2008

The Politics of Gender in Anthony Trollope’s Novels: New Readings for the Twenty-First Century, Margaret Markwick, Deborah Denenholz Morse, and Reginia Gagnier, 2008

Witchcraft and Gender in Early Modern Society/Finland and the Wider European Experience, Raisa Maria Toivo, 2008

Avalon (Marlowe)

Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Restaurant Reviews, Cookbooks, Recipes, Stories and More, Diane Jacobs, 2006

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Blaze: Discourse on Art, Women and Feminism, Karen Frostig and Kathy Halamka, eds., 2008

Heinle & Heinle

Investigación de gramática, 2nd ed., Patricia Vining Lunn and Janet A. DeCesaris, 2006

Guía básica de la crítica literaria y el trabajo de investigación, Frida H. Blackwell and Paul E. Larson, 2006

Jones & Bartlett

Community Spanish for Law Enforcement: Field Guide, Pablo P. Madera and Arthur Natella, 2006


Medical Spanish, 3rd ed.,  Gail Bongiovanni, 2006

Italian Grammar (Schaum’s Outline Series), 8th ed., Joseph Germano, 2007

Pearson (see also Prentice Hall)

Mosaicos: Spanish as a World Language, 5th ed., Matilde Olivella Castells et al., 2009

Penn State University Press

Love Cures: Healing and Love Magic in Old French Romance, Laine E. Doggett, 2009

Peter Lang

Borges 2.0, Perla-Sasson Henry, 2007

Prentice Hall (Pearson)

Introducción a la lingüistica española, 3rd ed., Milton M. Azevedo, 2008

Latinoamérica: Presente y Pasado, 3rd ed., Arturo A. Fox, 2006

Modern Spanish Prose, 7th ed., Gustave W. Andrian, 2006


Auditing: Assurance & Risk, 3rd ed.,  W. Robert Knechel et al., 2006

Real Estate Brokerage: A Guide to Success, Dan Hamilton, 2006

Exploring Marketing Research, 9th ed., William G. Zikmund and Barry J. Babin, 2006

Thomson Delmar

Thomson Delmar’s Medical-Surgical Nursing Care Plans, by Shielda Rodgers, 2006

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