Schott’s Vocab Blog

This is an amusing little blog:  “If language is the archives of history, as Emerson believed, then Schott’s Vocab is an attempt to index those archives on the fly.”


New Link: The EFA’s Common Editorial Rates

I’ve just added a new link to the EFA’s common editorial rates.  These are good guidelines to follow when trying to determine what to pay or what to charge.  Of course, many freelancers, including me, prefer to use a per-page rate based on a sample of the text.

Harvard encourages dusting off the classics – The Boston Globe

Harvard encourages dusting off the classics – The Boston Globe

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What are undergraduates going to do with a major in classics? How about this: create a niche for themselves in indexing.

Portfolio and résumé updated

I’ve finally had some time to update my project list and have divided it by general service provided.  The list is not exhaustive and is not updated frequently, but it should provide some idea of the types of projects I have worked on. I have also done some project management, composition, and translation.  For specific information about these services, please ask.


Please bear with me as I update my website.

I provide editing, proofreading, and indexing services in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Formats and subject areas include textbooks and scholarly monographs, journals, literature and the arts, history and the social sciences, medicine (particularly alternative medicine), cooking and gardening, self-help, and travel.